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At Ministry of Buildings we know that your hobby time is a precious commodity, so we produce terrain pieces that are ready to use straight out of the box.

All of our buildings and accessories come assembled and painted, so you can get on with playing!

We currently offer three ranges of buildings (Northern Europe, Mediterranean and Urban Ruins) and a large collection of accessory items for our Northern European range. See below for full details.

Everything we make is available in both 28mm or 15mm scale and with colour options. All our 28mm scale buildings come with removable roofs and floors while our 15mm scale buildings are single piece. We will continue to make additional ranges available so that whatever game you play, Ministry of Buildings can enhance your gaming experience!

Sci-Fi Ruin


Sci-Fi Large Ruin Terrace

28mm Terrain Piece

Sci-Fi 2 Storey Corner

28mm Terrain Piece

Sci-Fi 3 Storey Corner

28mm Terrain Piece